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1 Peter 2:9 says that YOU, yes YOU are a chosen generation. You're part of a royal priesthood. A set apart nation. A peculiar people. So proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvellous Light. Get music & motivation for your spiritual journey from the latest Set Apart Heart Blog posts below.

Psalms 27:14. 7-Day Scripture Challenge. Wait on Yahuah.

Hey it’s Hadarah. It’s time for another 7-day Scripture Challenge! This month our 7 day challenge is to focus on how important it is to wait on Yahuah. He promised in Psalms 27:14 that if we wait on Him, He would strengthen our hearts. With the recent events that have...

Isaiah 26:3. Perfect Peace. 7day Scripture Challenge.

Just wanted to share this quick little Scripture Challenge video with you. Our Next Scripture Challenge is Isaiah 26:3. Will you join us for it? You can start right now, today. This scripture challenge is not too difficult. Life is full of ups and downs, but Yahuah is...

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HallaluYahuah. Real music. Appreciate your obedience to share His word through your gift. Much ahaba achut.

Leyah Selah

-Via YouTube

Beautiful music ahkut, may Yahuah continue to use you and baruk you.

Lamadyahu Yashra'al

-Via Facebook

I love this song.  Achoti, you are so talented!! I really enjoy your music 🙂 Yahuah baruch you always.

Cynthia Richardson

-Via Youtube

Wonderful!!! You need to make more music Achoti! Please we need more music like this!


-Via YouTube

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