MISSION  The mission of setapartheart.com is to provide set apart music and motivation that will lead you back to the scriptures and inspire you on your spiritual journey as you seek a deeper connection with Yahuah. It’s not easy to find music that is truly set apart these days. If you subscribe to this blog you’ll get updates about original music, scripture songs, inspirational messages, and motivational tips.

VISION I see a world where Believers are truly encouraged. A world where we come together in unity as Yashra’al (Israel). A world where we sing melodies and harmonies that reflect the truth that is in our hearts. A world where we live and breath the truth in humility and authenticity. Let’s sing songs and make music that keeps us focused and inspired as we give all praise and esteem to Yahuah, through His Son Yahusha, and by His Set Apart Spirit. Halaluyah.

THE PERSON BEHIND THE BLOG Hi there, I’m Hadarah Batyah. I sincerely believe that in order to have a spiritual walk that is authentic and true, The Word of Yahuah must be written on the inside of our hearts. What better way to make that happen than through scripture songs and set apart music. Although I don’t have everything in my spiritual life all figured out, I know that Yahuah gave me the gift of music to serve Him and encourage your heart. I pray that everything you discover on this blog will be an inspiration to your life.

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“This is an excellent video achoti. Yahuah baruch you always”

Cynthia Richardson

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“Thank you this is the best example I’ve heard. It’s exactly what the Ruach Hakodesh has placed in my spirit (conformation) HalaluYahuah!!!!!!!”

Monica Littlejohn

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ARTIST BIOGRAPHY Hadarah Batyah, Singer/Songwriter, is a set-apart acoustic musician. The name Hadarah was given to her by one of her Hebrew Teachers who was praying for her regarding her spiritual gifts. Hadarah’s name reminds her to focus on being a true reflection of the beauty, splendour, and esteem of our wonderful Creator, and the responsibility that comes along with being His child.

Hadarah Batyah, Age 4

Hadarah Batyah, born Rochelle Hanson, at Age 4

Born Rochelle Hanson, Hadarah started piano lessons at the tender age of 4 years old. Throughout her life she also learned to play the trumpet, the flute, and most recently the acoustic guitar. She speaks English and French fluently, holds a BA in Journalism & Media Studies from Andrews Univeristy in Berrien Springs, MI, and completed her certification as a Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York, NY. A native of Toronto, Cananda, she currently works at Apple as a Specialist, and teaches workshops on how to use their technology & electronics.

Raised a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, Hadarah no longer claims to be a member of any one religious organization. Her spiritual journey began early on in life as she has always been a seeker of truth. Some of her earliest memories include sitting next to her grandfather at the kitchen table reading the scriptures with him when she was only 8.

Her first song was written in high school at the age of 14. Since then she released 2 CDs with her original music “I Will Serve You” in the year 2000, and “Step Out”  in 2007. She has made multiple appearances on local TV and radio, and worked with World Vision Canada as a performing artist. She has presented her music live to audiences of all sizes ranging from tiny little cafe-styled environments to crowds of nearly 4 thousand people.

In the Spring of 2013 Hadarah began to search the scriptures like never before. Her eyes began to see and she became extremely dissatisfied with the lack of consistency between what the Scriptures reveal as truth and what the vast majority of organized religions teach. To get away for a while, Hadarah decided to do a 3 month internship on a organic farm. There she quietly accept the significance of her Hebrew Roots and the covenant name of Yahuah, the Alahiym (Elohim) of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Recognizing that she no longer fit inside the box of “the church” and having no desire to stir up conflicts, she simply decided not to go back.

Hadarah Batyah, Singer/Songwriter

Hadarah Batyah, Singer/Songwriter

Hadarah understood that “the church” was never about a building or a conference, but instead about an assembly of people who have been scattered to the four corners of the earth; a people who are striving to worship their Creator in spirit and in truth. Hadarah believes Yahuah is gathering His people- the ones who will call Him by His name and walk in obedience to His ways. She is truly grateful to be a part of that movement.

Although Hadarah does not have a religion, she certainly does have faith. She believes in the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation. She believes that Yahuah our Alahiym (Elohim) is one, Deut 6:4.  She is looking forward to the soon coming of the Mashiyach (Messiah), Yahusha (the one who many call Jesus). She believes that we should allow The Set Apart Spirit to live inside our hearts, guiding us into ALL truth.  To keep up with her music and stay motivated along your spiritual journey, enter your email below to stay connected.

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