Psalms 27:14. 7-Day Scripture Challenge. Wait on Yahuah.

Psalms 27:14. 7-Day Scripture Challenge. Wait on Yahuah.

Psalms Scripture ChallengeHey it’s Hadarah. It’s time for another 7-day Scripture Challenge! This month our 7 day challenge is to focus on how important it is to wait on Yahuah. He promised in Psalms 27:14 that if we wait on Him, He would strengthen our hearts. With the recent events that have happened in my life I need this message all the more. How about you? Do you need to learn to wait on Yahuah?

Watch the video below for inspiration. Let’s focus on the strength that He has promised us, for we know beyond the shadow of a doubt that Yahuah’s words are true.

7 day Scripture Challenge.

  • Take 5 mins every morning to repeat Psalms 27:14 to yourself.
  • Say it out loud and memorize the words.
  • Internalize the words.
  • Visualize the words.
  • Allow the Word of Yahuah to come inside of you and overflow to the rest of your life.
  • You will have more strength and more power in your life
  • You will see that your level of trust and the peace in your life will increase.

Leave a comment below to show that you’re committed to participating.

Share this scripture challenge with a friend and let’s continue to grow spiritually as a community together as we focus on Yahuah’s promise of peace. I’ll see you in the comments!

True Liberation (Audio Stream) YAHUAH Acoustics Vol.2

True Liberation (Audio Stream) YAHUAH Acoustics Vol.2

YAHUAH ACOUSTICS vol.2This song is for the broken hearted. For the one who has to push through the pain. I pray “True Liberation” from Yahuah Acoustics Vol.2 will truly reach deep into your heart. This song is for you, my brother, my sister, and for all that you’re going through.

To be honest, this song is for all that I’ve been going through as well. Six Days ago my relationship with Yahusef ended. I finally learned to listen. I learned that being in love with the idea of love is a very dangerous thing. We must take our time and pay attention to the wise counsel that is given from the start. All too often we ignore red flags and caution signs, simply because we just don’t want to see them.

Even though my relationship has ended – a new journey has begun. Yahuah knows – He ALWAYS knows what’s best. After 11 months with Yahusef it won’t be easy to be on my own. But I know I’m never alone. And neither are You.

Yahuah leads and guides us into all truth. He is the only one who can give us true liberation. So let’s lift our voices and say HALALUYAH! Enjoy the audio stream of “True Liberation” below. Trust and believe, Yahuah’s truth will make us free.

“If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” John 8:26, The Cepher

Let me know if this music is making an impact in your life. Leave a comment below if you need true liberation.

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