Need more time for Yahuah? Try this. (It’s Finally here!)

Need more time for Yahuah? Try this. (It’s Finally here!)

Man Listening to Yahuah Music from Set Apart HeartRaise your hand if you would like more set apart time for Yahuah… Would you like more time to focus and meditate on who He is? Do you sometimes feel defeated and distracted and wish you had more time to focus on His Word? Just a few weeks ago, I sent out a survey to my my email subscribers, and I asked them what they found was lacking most in their worship experience and their personal devotional life. Two things came up over and over again in their responses.

The first thing that people mentioned was lacking the most in their devotional life was set apart music. The second thing was set apart time. Set-apart Music, and Set-apart time. Two things we need a lot more of. If you agree with those sentiments and wish you could have more of either or both, leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post. I’m sure that you are not alone.

Many of you lead very busy lives. With work, school, family, or all of the above and more, it can seem like there is always SO MUCH going on. Praise Yah for the Shabbat, but apart from that special day, do you feel like you have everything you need to continue growing on our spiritual journey from day to day? Or do you just wish you could have some more time to sit down, recharge, and refocus.

A wise person once said to me, time management is a fallacy. You can’t manage time, you can only manage what you choose to do with it. There will always be 24 hrs in a day- you can’t add any more no matter how hard you try. So how much of that time will you choose to spend with Yahuah?

YAHUAH ACOUSTICS Vol.1 Hadarah BatYahIf you’re struggling to keep everything in balance, sometimes it can help to have support.  Yahuah Acoustics Vol.1 is FINALLY here. I recorded this set apart acoustic music for you so that you can get access to music and motivation any time you need some encouragement.

If you’re stressed at work, taking a 5 min break to listen to the music on this recording can help to bring you back to the place of peace where you need to be. Or if you need to unwind after a stressful day and you can’t find the words to pray, this recording will help you do that. This music is a tool that you can easily fit into your schedule, anytime, and anywhere you choose. The end result is that this music will bring your heart back to a place of worship.

If you’re an email subscriber and you’ve been waiting for this, you know exactly what to expect. Yahuah Acoustics Vol.1 is 20 mins of acoustic set apart music to help you focus on Yahuah and keep your mind stayed on Him. Many of the lyrics come straight from the scriptures, and as you go through your day, those lyrics will come right back to the top of your mind so you can live them out through your heart.

If you’re new to the blog click the following link to subscribe so you can get a free music download or just fill out your name and email in the box at the bottom of this blog post.

If you’re already a subscriber and you know you need more set apart music in your life, Yahuah Acoustics Vol.1 is now available on iTunes just for you. Go get your copy today.  I pray this recording makes a huge impact on your life.

Sending you peace and love,

-Hadarah BatYah

Wanna Preview the Music on iTunes? Click the screen shot below.

Hadarah BatYah on iTunes


PS. The price you see on iTunes today will not be the same forever. Take advantage of what you see there now and download the EP today. Consider this your early bird special <3

A SPECIAL GIFT! Hebrew Roots Music Download.

A SPECIAL GIFT! Hebrew Roots Music Download.

Hadarah BatYah Special GiftHey! It’s me, Hadarah. Super quick blog post for you today…..I’ve been busy in the recording studio and I have something special to share with you. For those of you who are currently subscribed to my blog at, you and I have already been in touch via email and you know that there’s a special gift waiting for you inside your inbox!! YAY.
If you are NOT yet subscribed to the blog, then THIS is actually the perfect time for you to do so, BECAUSE…. I have a very special gift to give to you, but it is ONLY for my blog subscribers. The gift is a free mp3 or wav file download of “Let my people Go!” You may have heard me sing this song on youtube. My current blog subscribers told me that it’s one of their faves, so I took the time to record the song as a special gift.
How do you get this special gift?
Watch the short 3 min video below to hear all about it, enjoy music samples and find out about what’s coming next.

Now even though everything on youtube is free for you to enjoy, going to the studio and recording quality audio like what you will enjoy inside your free gift, is not actually free for me to create. I don’t have my own professional equipment so there are costs involved when recording, but I’m doing this because I know that the music will make an impact in your life. All praise to Yahuah!
If you’re already subscribed to the blog, remember, there’s an email already waiting in your inbox that you can open up to download the song. If you haven’t subscribed yet, just fill out your name and email in the box below and the free music will be sent to you! I pray that you will enjoy it.
Sending peace and love,
-Hadarah BatYah
YAHUAH ACOUSTICS Vol.1 Hadarah BatYahPS. If you haven’t heard the news yet, next week I’m releasing an EP! If you’ve never heard of an EP before, it’s basically a short little album. It’s going to be a digital release on iTunes. 20 mins of Acoustic Set-Apart Music for you to enjoy.The EP is called “Yahuah Acoustics Vol.1” And all the original songs you’ve grown to love here on the blog and youtube will be featured on the recording. So look out for that next week- Yah willing. We’re Just waiting on iTunes to finalize some details.
But until then, you can enjoy the free download of “Let My People Go” as a special gift for being an email subscriber here at Just fill out your name and email in the box below.
And if you have two or three friends who might like to have more music and motivation on their spiritual journey, share this page with them so they can sign up to get a free download too.
Keep looking up my friend! We’ll talk again soon. Enjoy the music!! Leave a comment on the blog when you get your free download to let me know your thoughts 😉
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